Saturday, May 05, 2007

Finding Good Developers

I will very soon have the need to find qualified software developers for an upcoming large project. I've tried to hire software developers before, but I think I must be going about this the wrong way.

I've tried the Monster approach, but I mainly got a group of unqualified developers that didn't have command of what I specifically stated as a requirement for the job. For example, if I put that knowing SQL is a requirement, I expect you to know at a minimum how to write SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, etc. statements without having to Google it. It was surprising how many of the candidates failed to meet this requirement.

In addition, I received a bunch of emails from staffing agencies that wanted to charge us 2x-3x the amount that the developer they were pitching was going to end up making. The facts that I know we're overpaying and that I've had a very bad experience with these staffed developers in the past really make me want to avoid this route.

I guess I'll just have to get lucky when I start looking again. I don't mind teaching sharp guys new concepts, but even finding them is next to impossible it seems. Anyway, if you're in the Houston area and looking, definitely drop me a line.

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